portion control

How to eat less without really noticing

January is all about resolutions and “turning over a new leaf”. ...
 24 Jan 2013   4 Comments

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6 reasons you’re eating when you’re not hungry – & how to stop

Here are some reasons why you might eat when you’re not hungry...
 26 Jul 2012   19 Comments

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Listening to your body’s hunger signals

Our bodies send clear signals telling us when to eat and when...
 26 Apr 2012   5 Comments

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The package says “medium” – But the calories say “large”

I rarely eat when I go to the movies, but when we went last weekend,...
 03 Nov 2011   0 Comment

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The bite counter – A new tool for weight loss?

If you’re a seasoned dieter, you’re probably pretty skilled...
 13 Oct 2011   2 Comments

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